An Idiot Abroad


I am writing this post from a state of semi-consciousness.

What do you do when you have to catch a 4:30 am bus for an 8 am flight in London? You go to bed around 10, wake up and get to the bus station. Right, that’s what responsible people do. I do not belong to that subcategory of humans.

“I can’t believe you’re bringing your suitcase to the club.”

“Well, my bus is at 4:30… what am I supposed to do, sleep for 4 hours?”

No, because that would be ridiculous. So yes, I went to the club with my suitcase (which 5-7 people face planted over) and then somehow made my way to the airport and onto my flight. I also apparently bought pants at Zara. I guess it was either go shopping or pass out and miss the plane, so can you blame me? My ex-boyfriend actually texted me the other day saying, “I just watched ‘An Idiot Abroad’ and it reminded me of you.” Thanks, babe.

So, London.

I got detained, as usual. This time because I didn’t have my Swedish residence permit on me. Like, hello London, I’ve already proved I’m leaving your country after 4 nights-let the Swedes decide for themselves if I’m an illegal immigrant or not! Like, get out of everyone else’s business.

Of course when I re-entered Sweden (by way of Denmark) the scenario at passport control went a little something like this:

“Okay, be cool,” I tried to remind myself.

“Shit, I’m covered in beer again. This is not how you prove you have your shit together.”

“Is that blood on my face?” *Wipes face with passport page to check*

“Are you fucking kidding me? Get it together!”

*Approaches dude at passport control*

“What is the nature of your visit?”

“I go to school in Sweden.”

“Are you going directly there?”


“K, bye.”

Big shout out to Denmark for not thinking I’m a criminal and giving me the green light. Okay, anyway, I obviously hate London, but I love it. This weekend reminded me how much I love proper cities and why I should never live in one again–because there is way too much to do and I cannot be a functional human with all of that temptation around. My mom told me tonight that I should live in a suburb. Gross.

But honestly, I have to give it to London. It’s an amazing city with tons to do. From pubs to markets to sight seeing (which I obviously did none of), there’s no shortage of activities. I love the casual atmosphere of heading to the pub after work or uni on a Friday for a pint. I mean, I really just love heading to pubs for pints in general. I also love the cultural variety and all of the amazing street food at your disposal.

I used to have this mindset of never wanting to visit the same place twice because I thought it was all about racking up the number of cities/countries you’ve visited. However, I’ve recently changed this mindset a bit, largely because I think you truly learn to appreciate a place the second time you visit it. The first time is always for sightseeing and touristy things. Going back to a place where you’ve already done all of that really allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and do as the locals do (and no, this does not mean eating fish & chips, sipping on warm beer).

So yes, I have adopted the two-visit rule. I believe you need to visit a city at least two times before you can make an informed decision regarding your opinion about said city.

So yes, London, I will be back–if you’ll have me. xx

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